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The Impact of Colour Psychology in Commercial Painting

Jun 01, 2023

The Impact of Colour Psychology in Commercial Painting: Creating the Right Atmosphere In the world of commercial painting, colour holds significant power in shaping the atmosphere of a space and influencing customer behaviour. By understanding the principles of colour psychology, commercial painting contractors can strategically utilize colours to enhance brand image, elevate customer experience, and […]

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Best practices for commercial painting projects

Feb 01, 2023

Keeping Tenants Happy During Your Exterior Painting Project It’s new year, and you notice that your building is looking a little tired. The colours have faded, and some spots have started to peel, which makes you think that it’s time for a repaint. Everyone should be excited! The property will look refreshed, the building performance […]

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Preparing Your Strata for an Exterior Painting Project

Jan 25, 2023

Decision-making can be a challenge in any strata corporation; especially when investing significant funds into maintenance such as an exterior repainting project. Here is some friendly advice to get started and provide your council with a solid foundation for your planning. Establish a Scope of Work The proper scope of work means determining what needs […]

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