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Parkade Areas

Parkade Area Repairs

Remdal has completed various parkade-related projects with excellence for many, many years. As building science and technical requirements have evolved over the years, we have expanded our training and expertise to serve you more fully. Our parkade related specialties include:

  • Traffic membrane replacement (targeted and full renewals)
  • Waste room makeovers
  • Below-grade crack injection & repairs
  • Mechanical room floors
  • Line painting, parking stall numberings, e-vehicle charge station markings
  • Structural concrete repairs

Engineers, property managers, and strata councils regularly rely on Remdal to perform these services to bring solutions to ongoing parkade area-related challenges at their properties and buildings.


Below-grade crack injection & repairs

The process of filling cracks in concrete with one of a variety of polyurethane injection grout. The process uses a high-pressure pump and specially designed mechanical packers to force material deep into the center of the crack. When this material encounters water, it catalyzes, expands, and hardens, sealing the crack.

Polyurethane crack injection is an effective method of filling and sealing cracks from the negative (interior) side when the positive (exterior) side can not be accessed.

  • Parkades and basements
  • Below grade walls, slabs on grade and podium slabs
  • Foundation walls & Retaining walls
  • Concrete holding tanks / vessels
  • Mechanical / boiler room areas
  • Bike rooms

Waste Room Makeovers

Does your property struggle with waste room(s) that exist somewhere between messy, disgusting, and revolting. What if your property could start to resolve this issue?

It may be as simple as organizing the space, adding colour to the walls, and encouraging greater respect for common areas by updating to organized & colour-coded Garbage Rooms.

By organizing the space, it shows an increased commitment to resolving an ongoing problem. By colour coding with coordinated bins and wall colours, it clarifies and simplifies what goes where. The result will be a clean & tidy garbage room.

If you are encouraged by the idea, contact us at  or [email protected], and we’ll meet you, discuss your situation and provide a Waste Room Makeover proposal for your property.


Your FAQ's answered here:

Why consider polyurethane crack injection?

Conventional crack repairs are performed from the positive side of a building, that is, the side in which the water initially contacts the structure. These repairs are usually surface type repairs which stop water from entering the crack and therefore the building. The common issue with this is that accessing the positive (or wet) side of a structure is sometimes not feasible or too expensive due to existing landscaping or if the walls are well below grade. Polyurethane crack injection is an effective method of filling and sealing cracks from the negative (interior) side when the positive (exterior) side can not be accessed.

Where is crack injection used?

Polyurethane injection grout is used to seal cracks in:

  • Parkades and basements
  • Below grade walls
  • Foundation walls
  • Podium slabs
  • Slabs on grade
  • Concrete holding tanks / vessels
  • Mechanical / boiler room areas
  • Retaining walls
  • Bike rooms
What are the benefits of polyurethane crack injection?
  • Cost-effective and simple solution
  • Minimal disruption
  • Effective in sealing cracks which are actively leaking, even under high pressure
  • Polyurethane injection grout expands in contact with water, pushing material into the whole crack
  • Fills crack from the center out, ensuring a complete saturation of the void
  • Fast cure time
  • Slightly flexible, allowing for minor movement


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