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Our Team

Ken Ewert


Ken became Remdal’s principal owner in 1991. His vision and hands-on business management have created Remdal as we know it today. A successful industry leader, he’s driven by a desire to bring beauty and renewal to people’s lives.

Dan Schmidt

Senior Manager of Operations

Dan brings a commitment to constant improvement and loves to see people grow. He truly cares about the well being of others. With more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, Dan understands what it takes to build trust, invest in relationships, and deliver excellence.

Dave Humphries

Restoration Operations Manager

Dave is a problem solver in the industry – the one people come to with their head-scratching dilemmas. He’s a patient soul who takes the time to listen, offers solutions, and puts a humorous spin on things just to help you enjoy your day.

Nima Banihashemi

Senior Project Manager

A 20-year Remdal veteran, Nima brings extensive experience from his time as a foreman and crew leader. This field background allows him to approach projects with a unique perspective and deliver practical value to our clients.

Paul Maryschak

Senior Manager of Sales & Marketing

With 20+ years of leadership in sales and marketing, specializing in the property management industry, Paul guides business development strategy. He is passionate about creating memorable client experiences through personal interactions and relationship building.

Jason Ewert

Painting Operations Manager

Jason supports our painting project managers and foremen with his experience managing complex projects, knowledge of paint systems, and attention to detail. He loves tackling challenging situations and coming up with simple, easy-to-understand solutions.

Nestor Orantes

Project Manager

Nestor knows people, and he knows painting. Entering the paint business in 2000, he has strong connections throughout the industry. He brings his unique ability to quickly build rapport with everyone he meets.

Ben Pilkey

Project Manager

Ben enjoys providing sensible solutions to complicated projects, which is evident in his growing portfolio of successful completions. His professional & enthusiastic approach helps ensure our clients know their projects will be done properly.

Carrie Spencer

Project Manager

Carrie brings 15 years of experience addressing the specific challenges that arise on strata, high-rise and commercial restoration projects. Her tenacity, sense of humour and communication skills help consolidate the project team efficiently and effectively.

Colin Bennett

Project Manager

Colin is an experienced estimator and project manager with the valuable combination of extensive knowledge and efficient, no nonsense answers. Coupled with his English quick wit and hearty laugh, he’s a valuable and memorable part of our Remdal team.

Jason Johncox

Project Manager

Over and above successful project management, Jason also trains teams in site safety protocols, WHMIS and hazardous construction materials. He is dedicated to meet and exceed industry standards while providing clients a quality of service second to none.

Jeff Stahr

Project Manager

Jeff’s dedicated work ethic combined with his hands-on knowledge of the concrete industry, make projects run more smoothly. His attention to detail and on-site processes put his engineering background to good use.

Julia Dyadigurova

Sales & Customer Service

Julia enjoys growing relationships with Remdal’s clients and with the properties we serve. Paired with her genuine smile and fun personality, she is ready to provide sound advice and clear direction to bring forward great solutions.

Ross Lowe

Sales & Marketing

Ross has a unique and versatile skill set that includes graphic design, colour consultation, photography, social media, marketing, and sales. Combined with his charming personality and talent, he is a key part of our team.

Sandy Leavitt

Restoration Project Coodinator

Sandy is tasked with keeping our busiest project managers organized and making sure that their paperwork is up-to-date. She is calm, collected, and still remembers to laugh and smile with the team.

Craig Watson


With an eye for detail and a passion for efficiency, Craig oversees our finance and administrative team. But it’s not all about the numbers. His approachable and caring personality helps make accounting tasks slightly less daunting for the rest of us.

Kathy Moerman

Office Manager

Kathy has been a central member of the Remdal team since 2005. She keeps our project managers and foremen on track and in line. Kathy has a fantastic sense of humour, cares about everyone she works with, and is always willing to help out where needed.

Esther Odendaal

Office Administrator

Esther wears many hats at our office and does so with style, professionalism and humour. She patiently and efficiently assists our clients while helping keep our administrative side up to date and functioning smoothly.

Lilibeth Flores

HR & Accounting Clerk

Lilibeth helps keep the wheels moving by working closely with our Foremen on payroll and other HR items. Her fun loving, hard working style rubs off on everyone around her.


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Our Foremen

Our foremen take the vision of your project and turn it into reality. They lead the crew to ensure the work is well organized, clearly communicated, and completed with excellence.


Certified Foreman

Joined Remdal in 2008
Interests: Nature, auctions, sporty cars.


Certified Foreman

Joined Remdal in 2009.
Interests: Kickboxing, jujitsu, tropical places.



Joined Remdal in 2017.
Interests: Snowboarding, boxing, caring for orphans.



Joined Remdal in 2008.
Interests: Fishing, family barbeques, video gaming.



Joined Remdal in 2017.
Interests: Road trips, music, bouldering.


Certified Foreman

Joined Remdal in 1993.
Interests: Music, outdoors, tall buildings.

Hla Pe

Certified Foreman

Joined Remdal in 1998.
Interests: Community building, soccer, Canucks.

John B

Certified Foreman

Joined Remdal in 1999.
Interests: Family, nutrition, volunteer firefighter.


Certified Foreman

Joined Remdal in 2016.
Interests: Soccer, running, sailing.


Certified Foreman

Joined Remdal in 2012.
Interests: Woodworking, running, family-time.


Certified Foreman

Joined Remdal in 2003.
Interests: Family, traveling, business.


Certified Foreman

Joined Remdal in 2014.
Interests: Playing guitar, travel, family.



Joined Remdal in 2015.
Interests: Cooking, woodworking, road trips.



Joined Remdal in 2011.
Interests: Darts, basketball, my kids.



Joined Remdal in 2009
Interests: Family, Gym work-outs, traveling.



Joined Remdal in 2009.
Interests: Photography, drawing, body-building.



Joined Remdal in 2016.
Interests: Travel, hiking, law.



Joined Remdal in 2014.
Interests: Soccer, painting, cars.



Joined Remdal in 2010,
Interests: Family, working hard, the gym.



Joined Remdal in 2010
Interests: Helping others, success, family.


Certified Foreman

Joined Remdal in 2018.
Interests: Family, traveling, soccer.


Certified Foreman

Joined Remdal in 1997.
Interests: Soccer, fishing, cooking European foods.


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