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Clean & Tidy, Not Your Typical Waste Room

Clean & Tidy, Not Your Typical Waste Room
Sep 02, 2019

Waste-RoomsGarbage Room Design

We all want to do our best for the environment. In our daily lives that begins with household recycling and garbage. 

Municipalities throughout Metro Vancouver have added various initiatives to encourage recycling, and they’ve also added financial penalties to trash haulers who have recyclables in their garbage pickups.

Regulation changes have continued with the addition of organic waste recycling, aiming to separate out food scraps and reduce overall garbage by another 30%. 

That is all well and good, but most building’s waste rooms exist somewhere between messy, disgusting, and revolting. What if your property could start to resolve this issue? 

It may be as simple as organizing the space, adding colour to the walls, and encouraging greater respect for common areas.

Organized & Colour-Coded Garbage Rooms

The idea began with recognizing that people need to understand quickly how to sort their recycling and waste products. Otherwise, confused by a room full of green bins, blue containers, and garbage cans, many people give up and toss it in the closest bin.

By organizing the space, it shows an increased commitment to resolving an ongoing problem.

By colour coding with coordinated bins and wall colours,  it clarifies and simplifies what goes where. The result will be a clean & tidy garbage room.  

If you are encouraged by the idea, contact us at 604-882-5155 or [email protected], and we’ll meet you, discuss your situation and provide a Waste Room Makeover proposal for your property. 




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