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Remdal has completed exterior and interior commercial painting projects with excellence since 1974.

By providing quality workmanship and delighting clients, we have established a reputation as an industry leader. Our painting contractor specialties include:

  • Townhouse complexes
  • Strata Painting
  • Low-rise and high-rise buildings
  • Government and public facilities
  • Commercial and retail properties
  • Rental apartments

As commercial painting contractor, we work with strata councils, property managers, and engineers to bring beauty and renewal to their properties and buildings.

Your project will be carefully planned and efficiently managed, from your initial contact to your final warranty review.

You can expect clear and consistent communication, and you can count on us to deliver Your Project, Done Right!


Your commercial painting contract comes with a two-year labour and materials warranty. We’ll provide you with a certificate once your project is finished, but your warranty is more than a piece of paper. It’s our promise to stand behind our workmanship.

Because we take pride in our workmanship, we don’t just wait for you to call. Instead, we take the initiative to contact you before the warranty expires (typically the second spring after substantial completion) and schedule a Warranty Review of your project.

One of our representatives will conduct a careful inspection of your property, to review the work we completed and make sure it is standing the test of time. If we discover issues – and from time to time, we do – you can rest assured that we will return to address them in a timely manner.

This proactive warranty is another factor that makes Remdal unique for your project.

Commercial and Strata Painting Projects

Azure West - Surrey - Exterior Strata Painting

This stylish collection of 76 townhomes required minor wood repairs along with exterior painting to revive its west coast design. The strata also chose to have their garage doors repainted to completely refresh the look and feel of their property.

Scope of Work:

McNair Park – North Vancouver - Exterior Strata Painting

The owners of this 50-unit, three-storey townhouse complex in North Vancouver (Lonsdale) wanted to refresh their building exterior. The rich green complemented by the neutral coloured walls and trim create a beautiful, natural palette. This project was tendered by the MPDA, hired by council to prepare specifications and oversee the project. Our Remdal crew, in co-operation with council, took care to protect the extensive landscaping. In addition, extensive wood repairs and repainting were required on the original heritage building. The strata owners are impressed by the workmanship and Remdal’s adaptability throughout the project.

Scope of Work:

  • Wood fascia & trim painting
  • Heritage building repainting and wood siding repairs
  • Wood balcony railings
  • Stucco painting
  • Wood siding repair
  • Challenging access
  • Exterior painting

Sonoma - Richmond - Exterior Strata Painting

The strata for these 104 beautiful, luxury townhomes in Terra Nova boldly opted for a colour transformation, moving from brown earth tones to modern greys. The before and after difference was striking, and the owners were extremely pleased with the final result.

Scope of Work:

Tiffany Shores - New Westminster - Interior Design Upgrade

This was an amazing interior design upgrade project across multiple buildings, which was much more than a simple painting job. Carpet tiles, door hardware, lighting, and trim were also modernized. Completed over just a few short months, the 151 owners have gained a renewed pride of ownership from the refreshed look and feel of their buildings’ interiors.

Scope of Work:

  • Drywall repair
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Wood baseboards and trim replacement
  • Wood baseboards and trim painting
  • Suite entry doors and door frames painting
  • Utility doors and door frames painting
  • Project management of sub contractors: flooring and lighting
  • Commercial painting services
  • Interior painting services

IEM Warehouse – Langley - Commercial Painting

The owners of this commercial warehouse & office building in the Gloucester industrial area near 264th Street and Highway 1 in Langley asked us to re-paint their building after issues with previously-applied paint coatings. Our crew made things right on various different surfaces to ensure that moving forward the finished product will stand up well against the elements.  The deep, rich blue offers an exceptional contrast and provides a clean, professional, first impression for any visitors.

Scope of Work:

Schoolhouse Street - Coquitlam - Commercial Painting

This commercial retail property needed to address its exterior walls as well as various metal awnings and sections of corrugated metal. Since it’s home to a number of different businesses, the crew took care to accommodate surrounding business and minimize disruption. The project was successful and the client has since requested proposals for several other properties.

Scope of Work:


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