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Commercial Painting Contractors in Surrey, South Surrey, and White Rock

Industry Leaders: Commercial Painting Contractors in Surrey

Since 1974, Remdal has provided excellent commercial painting services across Surrey and Greater Vancouver. Property managers and building owners rely on us as an industry leader for our painting expertise. We can provide you with a wide range of services including exterior painting, interior projects, and design updates that may include commercial painting, flooring, drywall, lighting and more.

Remdal recognizes that excellence matters. Quality workmanship is essential to maintaining your property and community spaces. We will ensure that every project is completed with quality and timeliness. Remdal crews and project managers pay close attention to the details and are committed to delivering seamless and efficient commercial painting services for your properties.


Surrey Commercial Painters

Remdal has a wide range of commercial painting services to choose from to address various commercial painting projects. We provide the following services and will tailor them to your specific requirements:

Remdal has provided interior and exterior commercial painting services to Surrey since 1974. We have earned our reputation for excellence with every project. As a professional painting company, we are highly skilled in delivering professional results and exceptional customer service on projects including: 

  • Commercial and Retail Properties
  • Rental Apartment Building Painting
  • Government and Public Facilities
  • Townhouse Complexes Painting
  • Low-rise and High-rise Condo Buildings Painting

Remdal Painting and Restoration are trusted professional painting contractors that work with a wide range of Surrey commercial clients including property managers, building owners, commercial strata council, and engineers, to maintain and restore the exteriors and interiors of their properties.


Painting Project Management in Surrey

Our promise is Your Project, Done Right. Your commercial painting project will be carefully planned and efficiently managed, from your initial inquiry to your final warranty review. 

Right from your first call or email, you can rely on our estimators, project managers, and highly qualified crews to help bring your project together. Commercial painting requires expertise with a wide range of surfaces, conditions, and coatings. We will patiently answer your questions, provide impartial advice, and enable everyone involved to feel confident moving forward.

Once your project is underway, we will clarify your painting project timelines, procedures, and expectations, and liaise these requirements between you, a property manager/building owner/ tenants, and our on-site crews. Our project managers maintain clear communication with regular notifications and updates. This frequent, effective communication helps resolve any concerns or challenges before they become an issue and allows us to deliver your project on time and to a standard that delights you.

Before completion, you will be invited to join your project manager on a final inspection, to ensure every detail is addressed. You can expect an outstanding finished result that we will stand behind for years to come.


More Than Commercial Painters In Surrey

Our scope of painting services has grown alongside our reputation for excellence. With our unmatched professionalism, effective project management, and quality customer service, Remdal has now stretched beyond the boundaries of commercial interior and exterior painting to include the following services in the Surrey region: 

With Remdal at your service, you can count on us to deliver Your Project, Done Right.


Commercial Painting Projects in Surrey

Campbell Heights West - Surrey - Commercial Painting

Although recently built, the outside areas at this business park in Campbell Heights required repainting. With the project complete, the tenants, owners, and neighbors can appreciate the fresh look of this suburban office hub.

Scope of Work:

Nordel Crossing Mall - Surrey - Commercial Painting

This bustling shopping center is home to nearly 20 familiar brand name stores. As part of its regular exterior maintenance plan it needed to be re-painted without disrupting the surrounding businesses. The metal structures also presented access and foot traffic challenges. The project went very well and the client was so impressed that they have since asked us to help them on various other projects.

Scope of Work:

Cloverdale Industrial Park - Surrey - Commercial Painting

The owner of this commercial property had several concerns about the exterior elements – various walls, doors and a canopy. The original blue and beige combination was revitalized with two fresh coats of paint bringing back the lost beauty of the building. The owner was so pleased with the final result that we have already been invited to paint other buildings in the same park.

Scope of Work:

Philips - Surrey - Commercial Painting

The Philips Ledalite commercial facility needed some extra care and attention. The owners had us repaint targeted sections of the exterior. They are happy with the result and it’s looking ‘brighter’ than ever before.

Scope of Work:


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