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Siding and Wood Restoration


Siding and wood restoration services are usually performed alongside painting and restoration projects to renew and protect the building envelope. The most common types of buildings that require these repairs are:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Townhomes complexes
  • Public housing buildings

Siding and wood damage issues that go unnoticed or unreported, create more significant damage and become more expensive to repair over time. Our team’s experience, knowledge, and guidance can be invaluable in helping you make informed decisions about the appropriate next steps.




Wood siding is a critical part of the building envelope to provide protection from the elements. It can be compromised by water ingress, wind damage, ongoing sun exposure, poor design or lack of adequate maintenance.

When there is physical damage to the siding, there may be openings for water, insects, or animals to enter causing further damage. Moisture damage can lead to mold, fungus and wood rot which can spread to adjacent areas, and affect the inside of your walls as well.

Wood siding has a ‘best before’ date, and will eventually need to be replaced. Most engineering models approximate this at forty years. During this time, targeted repairs are necessary to maintain the integrity of the building envelope. At times, wood siding that has been painted begins to show similar aging effects, either from the break-down of the wood fibers under the coating or from too many coats of paint applied over the years.

By repairing and replacing the siding and wood and re-coating with the proper protective coating, the envelope can once again protect the building structure for years to come.


Sometimes, an exterior painting project can be disrupted and even delayed by the discovery of rotten wood. And for good reason: the last thing you want to do is paint over wood that needs to be replaced. That’s why we’re pleased to offer you carpentry services should the need arise.

To minimize disruption, our estimators will note any visible concerns during their initial site review. Typically, we will provide a suggested budget for such repairs. With your direction, we can perform a thorough review of the affected areas and provide detailed information on estimated time and material costs. Since this survey is based on a visual survey from the ground, we recommend you add a contingency for unforeseen needs.

It is challenging to identify all necessary repairs during this initial visual review. So, if additional repairs are deemed necessary during your project, we will work closely with you to get pre-approval for additional time and materials they may require. If and when we find additional items – either during our painting surface preparation or while initial repairs are underway – we will communicate this to the strata for approval before proceeding, update scheduling and coordinate painting of repaired areas to follow the repairs.

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