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Preparing Your Strata for an Exterior Painting Project

Preparing Your Strata for an Exterior Painting Project
Dec 04, 2019

Decision making can be a challenge in any strata corporation; especially when investing significant funds into maintenance such as an exterior repainting project. Here is some friendly advice to get started and provide your council with a solid foundation for your planning.

Establish a Scope of Work

The proper scope of work means determining what needs to be painted and what does not. Having a clear consensus from the council before calling contractors will save time and money. There are painting inspectors who can help you decide what to re-paint and which products to use (search online for Painting Inspectors in your area or call us for info on who we see in the market). If your strata decides to establish the scope of work on your own, the first step is to review your existing surfaces and note any areas of concern. Use the following checklist to help ensure you cover all the areas.

One way we’ve found helpful to assess a property is to print out an overhead from Google Maps. Then during a comprehensive 1- 2-hour walk around the property, make notes on the sheet about the affected areas.

Walk-Through Checklist

Here is a list of common surface types to consider for re-painting and possible repair:

  • wood siding
  • composite siding
  • vinyl siding
  • stucco
  • concrete
  • brick
  • soffits
  • fascia & trim
  • wood windows
  • decks/patios
  • railings
  • metal surfaces
  • light standards
  • pillars
  • shakes
  • doors/frames
  • garage doors
  • metal cladding
  • privacy fencing
  • perimeter fencing
  • decorative features
  • other

Other considerations are:

  • wood trims
  • metal flashings
  • attachments
  • roof membrane

Prepare a budget and plan to raise funds

It is always best practice to start planning early and give yourselves ample time to make your decisions. In some cases, this means 1-2 years before the project, in other cases 6 months can be enough time.

If you’ve taken the time to get council consensus on the scope of work, then getting a budget quote will be fairly simple.  It will also be more useful because it will be an accurate amount to use for planning and approval. Remdal often provides budget quotations for projects. If you need assistance with a budget quote, we have estimators available to help you.

And now that you have a better idea of the amount of money required, your focus can turn to raising funds through your Contingency Reserve fund (3/4 vote), Special Levy (3/4 vote), or from a Depreciation Report (majority vote). This is a choice that varies from one strata building to another depending on many factors.

Next steps

Over the following months you will want to give your project the best opportunity for success, but taking some additional steps including:

  • asking and listening to owners;
  • assessing and choosing your colours;
  • inviting qualified painting contractors;
  • evaluating and selecting the best proposal;
  • identifying best practices to help the job go smoothly;
  • the science of finishing well.

We’ll cover these items in upcoming blogs.

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