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Brick & Concrete Restoration

Brick & Concrete Restoration

Brick and concrete walls are designed to deflect most of the water that contacts the wall, but they naturally absorb moisture. While some water absorption is fine, significant moisture can lead to:

  • Efflorescence
  • Freeze / thaw damage
  • Cracking and deteriorating mortar joints.

Sometimes the best coating for concrete and brick is one that appears to be no coating at all. Many coatings leave a film on the surface that can discolor, deteriorate, or even peel if not properly maintained. Recommended clear waterproofing sealers can protect surfaces and prevent water from moving through the exterior walls without changing the appearance of the surface. This protection can slow the rusting of metal reinforcement such as metal anchoring and rebar, help deflect water from the surface, and protect interior areas from water penetration.

Most waterproofing sealers penetrate deeply, providing invisible protection to the brick or concrete from within the surface. This reduces future maintenance, as there is no coating to fade, crack or peel, and retains the existing look of the building. Depending on the level of exposure, a professionally applied penetrating sealer will provide surface protection for 5 to 15 years. Additionally, sealers may help maintain the appearance of your building by resisting mildew and moss formation and helping shed environmental contamination.



What are clear sealers?

The most common way to seal concrete and brick is through the application of a clear sealer that contains a blend of two chemicals: silane and siloxane. Part of the silicone family, these chemicals penetrate into the brick or concrete and chemically react below the surface, leaving a water-repellent barrier underneath and no visible residue on the surface. This allows the surface to remain unaffected in appearance while gaining the ability to keep moisture out.

These high-performance sealers are best professionally applied to ensure the proper manufacturer’s application rates are met and provide maximum water resistance. Sealer application is commonly by a low-pressure sprayer to achieve full saturation of the surface in a single coat. Both vertical and horizontal surfaces can be treated and protected with these products.

What causes stains & efflorescence?

Often brick and concrete surfaces are subject to white, powdery efflorescence stains. These stains are caused by water penetrating the porous surface and then leaching out soluble salts in the mortar.

To address efflorescence, we use the least invasive method possible. Often simply scrubbing or wire-brushing the area works, but power-washing, abrasive blasting or chemical cleaning (for example, using muriatic or oxalic acid) is required. We can also treat other stains and marks with appropriate cleaners at this time.

A good review of the grout is essential to providing a well-sealed surface. One project in Vancouver required brick re-pointing (repair of the grout) and renewal of caulking at each floor (cold joints) before the application of a clear sealer to the wall surface.
Often the efflorescence will return unless the cause of the moisture moving through the surface is addressed. Many unpainted surfaces can be sealed with a penetrating water repellent, to limit water intrusion and minimize future efflorescence.

How about coloring brick?

Another option for brick is re-coloring the surface. Older heritage buildings may have faded and stained, have repaired areas that stand out, or you just may want to change the color of the brick.

Solid color penetrating treatments, including those by Nawkaw Corporation, can change the color of masonry without recurring maintenance concerns. The results are as permanent as the masonry, and Remdal can prepare and complete the work for you as approved installers of this product.

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The Brava - Vancouver - Building Envelope Renewal

Standing proudly at the corner of Seymour and Davie, these two contemporary towers totaling 420 strata units went through an extensive building envelope remediation as per engineer’s specifications. New elastomeric coating with urethane sealant on control joints added protection to the entire structure and provided peace of mind for owners.

Scope of Work:

  • Building envelope renewal
  • Control joint repair
  • Eyebrow urethane membrane renewal
  • Sealant replacement
  • Full exterior painting

Elgin and Burrard - Port Moody - Building Envelope Renewal

The “original” high-rise complex in Newport Village stands 20-storeys high. It was given new life in 2018 by restoring the building’s exterior with new paint and sealant. With the work completed, this suburban skyscraper reclaimed its status as an eye-catching landmark in Port Moody.

Scope of Work:

  • Building envelope renewal
  • Concrete joint repairs
  • Eyebrow urethane membrane renewal
  • Sealant replacement
  • Full exterior painting

Wedgewood - Vancouver - Building Envelope Renewal

This early 1980s mid-rise located in the Arbutus-Ridge neighbourhood presented many exterior challenges, from its paint, to sealants, and right up to the roof. Thanks to a complete exterior remediation project, the owners of this 12-story building can now fully enjoy its amenities and also rest assured that their property values are protected.

Scope of Work:

  • Building envelope renewal
  • Concrete crack repairs
  • Sealant replacement
  • Full exterior painting

The Boulders - West Vancouver - Building Envelope Renewal

This luxurious condominium complex offers elegance in peaceful and natural surroundings. In 2017, it received a building exterior facelift. It was repainted in its original colours along with targeted repairs to the building envelope. This West Vancouver strata painting project prolonged its lifespan and allowed residents to enjoy not only the magnificent view, but also a healthier living space.

Scope of Work:

  • Building envelope renewal
  • Concrete repairs
  • Urethane membrane renewal
  • Targeted exterior painting

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