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Exterior Strata Painting & Building Repairs

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Exterior Strata Painting RemdalIf your strata is considering an exterior painting project, you have probably talked to a number of companies and seen a wide range of proposals and prices. How do you sort through it all?

How do you choose the best exterior painting contractor?

Price is important, but value is more important yet. Numerous exterior painting companies should be able to give you a paint job that looks fine when it’s done. The real question is, “How will it look 5 or 7 years down the road?”

We recently met with the council of a large complex we’d painted years earlier. They asked, “How do you think our buildings look?” We replied, “They look really good, with some normal fading.” And they said, “We think so too. We’re happy because you told us the paint job would last 6 to 8 years, and it’s been 11 years!”

You want this kind of value when you spend your maintenance dollars.

What are you really looking for?

Getting this value depends on you choosing painters with proven experience and expertise. You want someone who knows what it takes to do the job right, and on time. And you want someone who looks at your building with your best interests at heart, and helps you spend your maintenance dollars wisely.

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We’ve painted hundreds of strata exteriors—apartments, town homes, and high-rises—since 1974. It’s what we specialize in. Our customers choose us because they trust us.

If you call us, one of our experienced Project Managers / Estimators will meet with you, listen to you, and look at your buildings as if they were our own. We’ll present you with a practical proposal that includes our best painting recommendations. And if you plan to use a paint inspector, we’d be delighted to add yours to the dozens of inspected projects we do.

What do you need from your exterior painting contractor?

Strata Painting Remdal
A painting project is an inconvenience. The best companies know how to minimize this and make the strata council’s job easy.

A successful project is grounded on clear and timely communication: the right people need to know, at the right time.

Our projects start with a pre-job set-up meeting to clarify roles, expectations, colours and procedures. We take responsibility for communicating with the individual owners by distributing washing and painting notices. The strata manager or council liaison is kept abreast of progress through our written project updates, and when the project is nearing completion, we distribute surveys to individual owners to make sure that every concern is addressed.

What about their company culture?

Many strata painting companies “farm out” their projects to sub-contractors. As one strata told us recently, “The company we chose came across as very professional in their presentation and initial meetings with us. But when they started the project the workers were very ‘rough.’ Every few days there was a different set of guys who looked like they were pulled off a street corner.”

Our company difference is our people. We have our own long-term people. Our average Certified Foreman has been with Remdal for more than 8 years. Both our Certified Foremen and our Project Managers are owners in our company. Every day, we send out owners to work on our projects. Who would you rather have on your project: an owner or a sub-contractor?

Who takes responsibility?

Sometimes strata repainting projects drag out because the contractor doesn’t have enough workers or pulls workers off to work on other projects. When we begin a project, it is our responsibility to put adequate manpower on site, and once we are on site, we stay until the job is done.

And when the project is complete, our responsibility isn’t over. At the end of two years, we come back to your complex and assess the performance of our paint application. You don’t need to call us, we’ll just come. If there are issues, we repair them at our cost as part of our warranty, and we give you a written report.

Helping with other building repairs

exterior strata painting Remdal Painters
In addition to painting, your building may need other repairs and upgrades. We can help there too. We’re experienced at a variety of such services, including wood siding and fence repair, stucco repair, caulking renewal, waterproof membranes, and flashing installation.

We’ll work to bring common-sense suggestions to improve the appearance and resilience of your building exterior. On one recent painting project, we noticed the design of the wood cap on the balcony posts and suggested a metal cap flashing to protect the wood and reduce future maintenance costs. The strata was delighted with this proposal and loved the final product.

Visit Our Work project pages to see some of our work in action, and let us show our expertise to you.

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