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Restoration Services

Nyalic Clear Finish Metal Protectant

Jun 12, 2019

If you’ve got metal windows or flashings that need renewal, Nyalic clear finish might be your solution. Here’s a project where faded, oxidized pre-finished surfaces are updated to like-new.

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4 Common Types of Building Repair and Maintenance Services

Apr 23, 2019

Performing regular maintenance on your building structure can keep things running smoothly and save you when the building starts to get older. Below are 3 common types of building repair and maintenance services:

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Maintaining Decks and Balconies

May 12, 2019

BC Housing has a number of excellent maintenance brochures to help you keep your strata and commercial buildings in good condition. The Tips for Maintaining Decks and Balconies brochure is particularly helpful for identifying concerns and identifying how to deal with them.

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