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Nyalic Clear Finish Metal Protectant

Nyalic Clear Finish Metal Protectant
Jun 12, 2019

If you’ve got metal windows or flashings that need renewal, this clear finish might be your solution. 

The Problem

Factory finishes weather and deteriorate from ultra-violet rays, as the sun breaks down the coating and pigment. The photo shows a typical example.

As the coating degrades, it begins to chalk, leaving an unsightly white chalky residue. Even when the substrate is cleaned, it can remain dull.

The protective value of the coating is lessened as it deteriorates, exposing the metal to corrosion.

Nyalic Protectant - Remdal Painting & Restoration Inc.


Step One: Cleaning

Cleaning the chalky surface is critical, as the final appearance depends on how well the surface is prepared. Using Nyalic cleaning materials we apply the cleaner, agitate and scrub the metal. This process is repeated as necessary until the surface is clean.

Nyalic Protectant - Remdal Painting & Restoration Inc.

Step Two: Removing residue

Rinsing the surface before the cleaner dries, and ensuring all cleaning residue is removed is the next step. Once dry, we test the surface to ensure it is ready for application of the clear finish.

Nyalic Protectant - Remdal Painting & Restoration Inc.

Step Three: Nyalic Clear Finish Application

The clear finish is applied with care, ensuring a complete protective barrier is applied to the clean surfaces. Whether using brush, roller, pad applicator or lint-free wipers we detail the surfaces.

Nyalic Protectant - Remdal Painting & Restoration Inc.

Step Four: Beauty

When fully cured, Nyalic’s smooth, clear finish seals the pores of the surface, providing a rich lustre and protection against the elements and corrosion.

It is not necessary to wax, polish or buff a Nyalic coated surface, as it protects from UV deterioration.

Nyalic Protectant - Remdal Painting & Restoration Inc.

The Solution

When used on faded, oxidized pre-finished surfaces, Nyalic clear finish rejuvenates and restores the surface to a like-new appearance, blocking UV rays and limiting chalking or discoloration.

Nyalic Protectant - Remdal Painting & Restoration Inc.

Nyalic also allows for a simple renewal of the clear finish. This is often more cost-effective than painting, without the risk of peeling or future repainting maintenance costs.


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