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Stucco Repair for Strata Buildings

Categories: Strata Services

Stucco repair 1Stucco repair is often part of our painting and restoration work on strata buildings in the Greater Vancouver area. We have experience in repairing and replacing all types of stucco – including traditional, acrylic, rock dash, California, and EIFS.

We can seamlessly repair stucco with careful attention to blending the patch to match the surrounding finish. We’ve repaired stucco on homes, stratas, apartments, townhomes, high-rise buildings, offices, shopping malls, and government buildings.

Our stucco restoration sometimes includes removal of deteriorated sheathing and studs. On some projects involving stucco repair, we also replace windows and upgrade the metal flashing details around windows and wood trims.
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Repairing cracks in stucco

Sometimes the stucco is sound but has cracks. It is important to address the cracks to avoid further deterioration and water intrusion. Water intrusion can cause the underlying wood sheathing to rot, and eventually the stucco will lose its bond and pull away from the substrate.

Stucco repair 4
Hairline cracks—cracks with a width of less than a credit card thickness—can be stripe coated with one or two coats of elastomeric coating. This coating bridges the crack and remains flexible if the crack continues to have minor movement.

If the cracks are more significant, we channel out the crack and caulk it with a flexible material such as elastomeric or knife-grade caulking. After that sealant has been installed, we work to texture the patching material to blend with the surrounding stucco.

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