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Commercial Painter for a Day

Categories: Commercial Services

Your commercial building needs a bit of work, but your tenants are too busy to do it themselves. The hallway trim has been damaged by the cleaners, or perhaps you’ve installed a new metal door. It might be a garbage room or sign that was removed. The job doesn’t need organization or a quotation - it just needs to be done! What to do?

Painter for a Day

You can have a professional painter come to your commercial property and work for a day to take care of these tasks. You supply the paint, and we’ll provide the professional labour to renew the identified areas at your property!

What does Painter for a Day include?Vancouver painting and maintenance

It includes one professional experienced painter for 7 ½ hours of work. He’ll bring professional tools and basic painting materials (see a list of basic painting equipment & materials on our FAQ page).
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What amount of work can a Painter for a Day get done?

Every job is unique, and the requirements at your commercial building for preparation and finishing will be unique, too. While it’s not possible to say specifically what can be done, we can give you a general idea. A professional painter would typically be able to:

  • Paint the elevator doors and frames on 3 floors
  • Refresh an average lobby and associated doors and trim
  • Sand and paint 5 metal common doors and frames
  • Prepare the walls and paint two offices
  • Add an accent wall in two board rooms
  • Do minor wall repair and paint several selected walls or wall sections

What does Painter for a Day cost?

The fee for Painter for a Day is $575.00 + applicable taxes. (This price includes minor incidental materials that will be required to complete your work.)

Have more questions about this program? Check out our FAQ page for more information.

To book our Painter for a Day, email us at [email protected] or contact us at (604) 882-5155.

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