Decks & Membranes

Remdal - Concrete Restoration, Balcony membrane, Hi Rise Painting

Cielo – BCS2555

Building envelope remediation, including exterior repainting, urethane membrane renewal, and targeted concrete repairs.

Remdal - Restoration

Murano Lofts – BCS 1347

Building envelope remediation, including concrete restoration, urethane membrane installation, and exterior repainting.

Remdal Restoration

Leighton Green – BCS 344

Restoring wood-frame balconies at 91 units, including replacement of structural components and installation of new urethane membrane system.

Strata Exterior Painting/ membrane coatings

Cambridge Court

Renewal of balcony urethane membrane coatings including wood repairs.

Commodore residential painting project

Connaught Housing Cooperative

Exterior painting of wood and stucco cladding; new vinyl membrane installation.

Building Restoration in Vancouver


Concrete repair to suspended slabs, caulking renewal, membrane renewal and painting of associated components.

Strata Exterior Painting


Preparation & repainting of a townhouse community, including extensive balcony repairs and installation of new deck membranes.