What to do with your old leftover paint!

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paint recyclingA common question I get when meeting a customer, whether a homeowner, strata council, project managers or an industry associate is “what do we do with our old leftover paint?”.    Luckily there exists Product Care, which is a not-for-profit industry sponsored association that manages product stewardship programs. In layman’s terms, under government regulations, the manufacturers, distributors and retailers of paint and other hazardous martial such as pesticides must provide us with an environmentally safe means of disposing their leftover products. Product Care manages these stewardship programs by providing consumers with a collection system network with over 100 locations across BC. The best news is that it’s free! The collected products are then reused or recycled where possible. For further information, locations or a list of acceptable products and other programs, such as BC paint exchange, which allows you to get leftover paint for your project at no charge, please visit http://www.productcare.org.