Water restrictions may shut down painting projects

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Water Restriction in Vancouver Blog PostNews reports are saying Stage 4 restrictions are coming. What's that mean for painting and restoration projects?

Metro Vancouver moves to next level of water ban

We've all enjoyed the amazing sunshine since early May, and for a painting contractor it's been a real blessing. When working on an exterior painting project, if you can have steady and dependable weather, it really helps productivity. No stopping and starting, no delays for drying out of wood surfaces, and long days to put in extra hours. The 2015 season has been fantastic for continuous work, giving customers their homes & buildings back promptly!

Stage 3 now, Stage 4's coming

Recently Metro Vancouver went to stage 3 restrictions, and that means no more watering, and no washing of surfaces for aesthetic reasons. No washing of buildings, walks and cars! Fortunately, there is a specific allowance for preparation prior to painting.

Stage 4 restrictions, if they are brought in, are onerous. No hosing of any outdoor surfaces unless for safety or health reasons.  That means any projects where washing preparation is required, including most painting work, will be shut down.

What's the latest?Total Water Storage for Metro Vancouver Usage

August is forecast to be hot, hot, and hotter. And no rain on the horizon. Metro Vancouver has begun posting daily consumption levels, and says if users can limit water use to 1.2 billion litres or less per day, that we may be okay until the rains come. But we've not done that well so far, the reservoirs are at 66%, and typically September is drier than August!

Metro Vancouver daily reservoir levels

What's next?

If you've got a painting or restoration project that you are considering for 2015, now's the time to book it.  We can schedule the work, consider what sequence is best, and give specific attention to washing, while current restrictions are in place.

Don't let the water shortage leave you high and dry. Contact us now!