Times Square – restoring the beauty

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I love being part of a painting and restoration business: we come on site and, as if with a swoosh of a magic wand, make a place clean and beautiful, with a long-lasting protection from the weather!

times square painting services



Only there's no magic wand. There are swing stages, power washers, spray machines, and hard work.  And on this site, three high rises. Allow me to introduce to you: Times Square, a hi-rise complex in Burnaby.

To wash, prepare and paint three high rises - sounds like a daunting task? Not for our hard-working and cheerful employee crew, led by Hla Pe, one of our long-time Certified Foremen.


times square painting servicesHla Pe reminds me of an orchestra conductor - leading his crew in all aspects of the job - from initial meeting to rigging the swing stage to preparation and washing to masking to painting to final wrap up.








Preparation matters. For paint to properly adhere to a surface it needs to be clean and free from dirt, bird droppings, mold, mildew and flaking or loose paint.

What a drastic difference can pressure washing make!

times square painting services     times square painting services 2

Spray painting is a lot of fun - have you ever tried? I have, only I found I wasn't good at it. It requires a lot of practice to achieve an even application: not too thick, not too thin. Besides, you really have to know how to handle the spray gun, otherwise there will be something that every painter and owner hates: overspray!! That's why you mask, mask, and mask again beforehand. Careful often tedious masking pays off big time, protecting the property and making sure the paint goes where is should.

times square 11









After all the sweat, a great result: a spotless, fresh and bright looking building:

before painting   times square2

It actually transformed the look of the entire property: because it's more than just applying two coats of paint on a building. It's about bringing its dignity back. It's about being a good steward of what we've been given, taking care of our homes, our cities, our land. This is what Remdal really is about. And I love that.