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Zsolte began with Remdal in 1997, and has supervised the painting of several hundred of our Strata and commercial projects for over 20 years!

He enjoys fishing, and he always looks forward to taking his crew on an October fishing weekend.  He‘s also a big soccer fan, and enjoys watching his sons play. Beyond fishing and family, one of his biggest pleasures is eating good Hungarian sausage – which he makes himself!

Zsolte was trained in painting in his native country, and worked hard to hone his craft in the painting trade in Canada ever since.

Probably more than anyone else in our company, Zsolte loves painting.  He has the amazing ability to combine a genuine commitment to pleasing customers and an intensity that allows him to often finish projects ahead of schedule. He takes pains to minimize the disruption of the painting project to those he is working around. He always seems aware of both what the job needs, and how to do it in a way that respects and pleases our customers.

It is no exaggeration to say that Zsolte is a true gentleman.  We often get phone calls from customers who want to tell us of some little extra thing he, or the crew, has done for them.

Zsolte is one of our senior Certified Foremen and has been awarded our Top Foreman award twice.