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Jose spent most of his schooling years in the Vancouver area, and returned to his native Guatemala to pioneer his own business in swimming-pool construction. After a number of years there, Jose and his family returned to settle in the lower mainland. Recently the family celebrated his wife becoming a Canadian citizen!

He loves soccer, and likes to run at least 10 Km per day.  He is devoted to his family and enjoys swimming and hiking with his three children.

Jose has extensive experience in all aspects of waterproofing.  He is knowledgeable in concrete restoration, and in the application of sealants and liquid-applied membranes.  He is also experienced in swing-stage rigging and high-access work.

He is a quick learner and a good communicator.  He loves to solve problems. He always brings practicality and flexibility to his project management.  “Every situation is different… people are different. And so every job involves looking at the people and the situation and finding the best practical solution.”

Jose finds great satisfaction in delivering a quality project. “If the client is happy, than I’m happy, because I know I’ve done my job well and this means a better future for all of us.”