Hla Pe

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Hla Pe joined Remdal in 1998, and he’s been a valued part of our team ever since. One of our senior Certified Foremen, he has supervised his crew and successfully painted hundreds of strata and commercial units.

Historically he has focused on larger strata projects but he is also experienced at hi-rise and special access work, as well as concrete repair and restoration work.

When Hla Pe leads his crew on a project, he is not there just to get the job done. Instead, he takes great care to make sure that the painting process itself is a blessing—both for the customer and for his crew. It’s not uncommon to see him directing his painters like a conductor, making sure that each worker performs his part and that the job gets done efficiently and properly.

He is a hands-on leader, careful to observe and plan out a project before picking up the tools and leading his crew by example.

Hla Pe’s leadership is evident on the job site, but it also extends much deeper. He is heavily involved in the Burmese immigrant community, helping new immigrants to feel at home and personally caring for underprivileged newcomers that don’t have any family or friends nearby.

Over the past fourteen years, Hla Pe has gained and maintained the trust of our customers with his good sense of humour and quiet leadership. He approaches each of his projects thoughtfully, and customers love the result!

Hla Pe shares our company commitment to customer service and giving value. He has consistently been one of our Premier Foremen since first winning “Foreman of the Year” in 2006.