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Gyula was born in Hungary in 1974. His father was the head of the local painting/decorating school, and he basically influenced Gyula’s desire to become a painter. After painting/decorating school, Gyula worked at various construction sites in his native town in Hungary where he also learned other skills like working with concrete, laying foundation, carpentry skills, etc.

At the same time, Gyula studied to become a heavy duty diesel mechanic as he had always been interested in heavy machinery and trucks. However, he never got an opportunity to work as a mechanic.

In 2008 moved to Canada and worked for a garage door company installing garage doors and painting them. He then found Remdal thru ‘STEP’ program, and decided to apply to join the team. At Remdal, he has an opportunity to paint as well as use his carpentry skills. He has also been learning how to do drywall repair and re-texturing.

Gyula is a certified swing stage and a boom lift operator; also holds a certificate for working in confined spaces. In fact one of his jobs at Remdal was in the waste water treatment plant. It was a tough one. Gyula says: ‘never again!’

Gyula is happily married to Natalie; they have 2 boys. Gyula likes to take his sons camping, hiking, snowshoeing, and even ice fishing. He likes to keep active and on the move after the work day is over.

He loves his job at Remdal because of the opportunity it gives him to learn new things, acquire new skills, and meet new people.