Salt and Ice Melt: Which one should I use?

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You carry salt & 2 different types of ice melt. What should I choose?

Remdal: Think of the specific areas where you plan to spread anti-slip products. Ordering the right product for each area is the best idea. Some guidelines:

  • Rock Salt
    Asphalt parking lots and driveways (think ‘cars’)
    Walkways (think ‘people walking their dogs’). This product has aggregate for instant traction.
  • ECO SAFE Melt
    Great for building entry (think 'porches, steps and thresholds'). This product is simply potassium with no aggregate. No mess dragged into the lobby or entrances, and no sweeping!

Why is CLASSIC ice melt so popular?

Remdal: The ice melt is potassium & aggregate. Custom-made for Remdal, it has NO sodium, and is safer for pets, grass & concrete. It provides instant traction for walkways, and is definitely an eco-friendly product.

What if I'm concerned about clean-up?

Remdal: If you have a building entry to de-ice or you want absolutely no mess  - you're best off with ECO SAFE Melt - it does not contain aggregate, so no worry of it getting into your lobby to soil the carpet or scratch the tiles!

Should I get bags or pails - what's the difference?

Remdal: Initially we just had bags. However, people kept asking us to come up with something easier, so we created an easy-to-handle pail that is only 25 pounds. With an easy-to-open lid you can dispense the product right out of the pail! And, it's refillable.

Some stratas purchase one pail per 'door' in the complex, so the owners can spread the ice-melt in front of their unit when they need it. The pail looks tidy in your storage area, and keeps the ice-melt contained, not on your floor.

We may need a lot of salt or ice melt. Are there quantity discounts?

Remdal: We can provide large order discounts, with price breaks for more than 100 bags. All products come in 25 lb pails or 44 lb bags and are available in skid-lot quantities as well. Call us at 604-882-5155 for more details on quantity purchases.


More questions? Our Non-slip product info page has samples.

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