Safety Training Day

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Typically a work day for our employees begins with a short meeting to review the plans for the day, and then a lot of hands-on preparation and painting work. This past Saturday, there was a lot more meeting before the hands-on component began.

Stratas and commercial business owners should know that the company and employees on their site are well trained and safe in their work. And they should have the documentation to back it up. WorkSafe says if the company you hire is not meeting the requirements under law, you could be held liable for the costs associated with any injuries. Be sure to check the company and their subcontractors too (if any.)Remdal Painting Safety Training

One of the most common pieces of large equipment on your repainting project is a man-lift. And you need to be trained in order to use one. For the safety of each worker onsite, for the protection of the building and equipment, and to comply with all WorkSafe regulations and insurance requirements.Remdal Painting Contractors Training

One of our senior project managers, Nima, is trained to train for man-lift use, and he led nearly 30 employees in a day long session. Half of it classroom instruction, and the other half practical hands-on experience.

While many of those attending have used man-lifts before, they were able to learn current regulations, best practices, and safe operation principles. And just like driving school, they completed both written and practical exams.

So next time you see a man-lift in use, think of the Remdal employees who've hit the books and done the practical test, and rest assured that we've got you covered.