Remdal loves to go above and beyond expectations – it’s what we do!

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Remdal Contractors Fixing ChairOne of our project managers was on site checking on the crew and the progress of the job. One of the owners saw him and ran out to say:

“Thank you so much for fixing my chair! You guys didn't even break it,” she said.  “He just offered to fix it for me.  It has been wobbling for years. This is wonderful to have it fixed… This makes my day…”

It’s what we do.

And, that’s the reason why I love working for this company. When I first came to Canada, a bit more than eight years ago now, having been a teacher before, I really wanted to try doing something else, like working outside, working with my hands, so I became a painter. I was lucky to come across Remdal right away, and quickly realized it was a true blessing, more than just luck.

I learnt a lot of things: how to paint and how not to paint, how to mask, clean up, and all those wonderful and essential to a painter tricks of the trade. However, one thing that was the most important lesson for me was about customer service. Because a true ‘Remdalee’ doesn't see flowers in the backyard as a mere obstruction on the way of their ladder. We see people, their life, their story.

And, so great things continue to happen every day here at Remdal: homes getting painted, furniture repaired, people being heard, smiles put on faces. The season has just started, and I’ve collected so many ‘thank-you’s already, and counting!