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Reading the recent articles about the City of Vancouver's hiring of a Hell's Angel to pick up garbage made me think: "Who's working near my home, and how safe am I and my family?"

There seem to be many issues and allegations, and the city's hiring practices have come under some fire, but the lack of a criminal record check is without dispute.

Article - City of Vancouver sanitation workers believe manager knowingly hired Hells Angel

It is clear as well, that the old standards of hiring aren't good enough.  If a worker is at your home, you expect the company to have qualified that worker not only for their professional skills, but also for their character.  It's not good enough any more to put a white or blue t-shirt on a painter and let them loose onsite. And it doesn't have to be this way.

At Remdal we decided to do criminal record background checks on all of our employees. That's one of the benefits of our employee-focused company. A subcontractor company doesn't have direct control over their employees. We do.BackCheck

We've added this level of security to our robust hiring practices, and to reduce your concerns of who is working at your home or business. All of our employees go through a multi-stage hiring process, that not only gives us confirmation that they will be skilled in the work required, but have appropriate safety and service training as well. The criminal background check is an additional component of this process, and is designed to create a safe working environment and provide you a measure of confidence.

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