Paint peeling off concrete from lack of preparation?

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sackingPaint peeling off a concrete from wall is from a lack of preparation. The contractor must check the substrate by testing before applying their paint finish coats, or they may be on the hook, the Master Painter's say.

The use of "sacking" compounds on concrete walls can seriously inhibit adhesion to the substrate, that is stop the paint from sticking to the wall.

The Master Painter Institute has a good informational article on it; here's an excerpt:

"How could this have been prevented?

The GC or concrete/masonry contractor is responsible for first examining the texture, color, and adhesion of the sacked surface. But since poor quality sacking is epidemic on many new concrete construction projects, it’s critical that the painting contractor himself check the integrity of the sacking prior to accepting the surface.

Ideally, the painting contractor and general contractor would do this inspection together: run a knife across randomly selected areas of sacked surface to see if the sacking can be easily removed.  Alternatively, simply rub the sacking with your fingers. If it’s loose, you’ll see residual powder all over your hand and indentations in the sacked surface -- and if the sacking is sound, you’ll be bleeding! Or certainly you’ll leave some skin behind."

See the article here: