3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Painter

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Choosing the best people to paint your commercial property is much easier if you know the right questions to ask. Create a list of questions and make sure to include the following:

Do they have a picture portfolio of past jobs?

It helps to see pictures to truly determine the quality of a painting contractors work. Don’t let low-quality photos fool you. Find high-quality pictures of the painter's past work that include the employees working in the photos to make sure they aren't using stock photography. Look for clean-cut lines in corners where there are different colors meeting and even finishes on walls. Source: AngiesList

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What is the quality of the products used?

There are numerous brands and types of painting products available, so don't assume the painting contractor you're considering will use top-quality products to complete your job. Always ask the brand name and durability ratings of proposed products. Ask questions regarding quality, and do your homework before hiring a professional painter. Get all information in writing, and if you're unfamiliar with brands and varieties, call local paint stores to inquire about the quality and durability of proposed paint products. You can't be too careful when the quality of goods and services are in question. Source: DoItYourself

What will they be doing?

Of course, a painter will be painting, but how many coats will they be applying? What sort of surface preparation is needed? If one quote is lower than another, it may be because the painter is going to skip some important steps. You want to know your painter will prepare the surface for painting, apply a primer-undercoat as needed and two coats of the colour of your choice. If they are painting a new surface, they may need to apply three topcoats. A good painter will explain everything they will be doing and why in detail. Source: HomeImprovementPages

Communicating all your expectations gives the painters a greater chance to achieve the look you’re aiming for. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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