Employees focused: Meet Mehdi and our painters

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Come with me to a Remdal project in Pitt Meadows, where our employees are restoring the beauty of the common interior of the apartment building, much to the delight of the building owners.

And let me tell you about this fun team doing the job. Our painters.

Remdal Painting Crew in Pitt Meadows

Our team:

(from left to right)


(pronounced mo'-jee).

He says: "My name is Mojtaba, but you can call me Moji". The guys start laughing. He explains: "Moji in my language means 'brainless', you know, like after concussion."

Our painter Moji


(pronounced kay'-vun).

A father of a 15-year-old boy, Keivan says: "My son is my life. We do lots together. Skiing, snowboarding, making meals together, just living life. One day I'll teach him the tricks of painting".

Painter Keivan


Our Certified Foreman.

Mehdi joined Remdal a few years ago and quickly became one of the company's front line people. He greets you with a big smile, as if nothing else in the world exists right now but you. You are his world at that moment. You have to meet Mehdi to believe it!  read his story here..

Certified Foreman Mehdi


Matin is the youngest on the crew. When we got on site, he was painting a wall, holding his brush like an artist, big grin on his face. "I like snowboarding. No, no skiing for me. Skis confuse me!" Everyone starts laughing again.

Painter Matin

Fun loving!

It's nice to hear jokes and laughter at a job site! Sometimes it's easy to get preoccupied with the task at hand: walls to be painted, colors to match, carpets to protect. However, behind every project there are people, with their lives, hopes and wishes. And they matter. As our mission states: We seek to bring beauty and restoration to our communities, one person and one project at a time.

At Remdal, we say "No" to subcontractors, and "Yes" to employees. Great, fun-loving people like these.  One person and one project at a time.