Employee Training Day

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Team MembersIt is part of our culture at Remdal to focus on training. Not only service and safety, but hands on too. So we went outside with our Employee Training Day.

Those who attended had some fun (and food!), and a large variety of skills were reviewed: from setting up a ladder to spray painting, to brushing techniques, to applying liquid membrane - there are several work stations set up to meet various training needs.

It is important for us to send out crews on your site equipped not only with proper tools and uniforms, but also with improved masking techniques, good eye for potential hazard, and firm grip on that ladder. Team Members During Training

It was nice to see senior foremen supervising new employees in acquiring new skills or refreshing existing ones: it is easy to spray a wall when standing firm on the ground, but how do you handle a spray gun on a 20 ft extension ladder? Masking tape doesn't stick to the surface? "It needs to be dusted off first", says our foreman Tim - he knows what he's talking about!

Together, both employees and foremen, sweep, mask, wash, mix paint, and spray - and laugh, joke around, and poke fun at each other, just like a big family.

It was a good training day of joint effort - thanks to all who participated. It is going to be a good season.

Remdal Team Members