Bold Colors Encourage Recycling

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Sometimes even the lowly places need some color.Bold Colors Encourage Recycling

Transformed recycling rooms

It all started with the need to have people quickly understand how to sort their recycling products. It can be confusing to figure out what goes where, in a room full of green bins and containers. One solution: Color code it to make it easy!

Metro Vancouver has added a number of initiatives to encourage recycling, and they've also added financial penalties to trash haulers if they have recyclables in their garbage pickups. So it is all the more important that it be simple, or else people give up, and just toss it in the trash.

And the changes don't stop! The latest addition is organics and foodscrap recycling, with the hope that separating out food scraps should reduce overall waste by 30%! See the How To guide here...

If you'd like our Recycling Room Genius colors and logos package for your property, contact us today.

Stairwells too!

And don't forget those hidden stairwells - they need transforming too!

Recently we tried a new waterborne finish on stairwells, allowing us to provide beautiful non-slip finish start-to-finish in an afternoon.

Easy to clean, low odor during application, and fast drying! A new product from DULUX Paints called BreakThrough! Contact us for more details.

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