5 Benefits of Roof Coatings

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Posted on Maintaining your property

Your commercial building needs a sturdy, well-installed roof to ensure years of trouble-free service.

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But did you know that applying a roof coating could increase the lifespan of your roof? Here are several benefits of roof coatings - read on!


Increased Roof Life

Workers can repair, coat and restore moderately aged roofs to a maintainable condition. With careful monitoring and timely performance

of remedial work, the roof might be a candidate for subsequent re-coating projects to further extend the roof's life. Finally, reflective coatings can slow the affects of ultraviolet (UV) and heat aging of roofing membranes by reducing rooftop temperatures. Source: FacilitiesNet

Reduction in the Cooling Bill

Elasta Gard Roof coatingA roof coating can decrease the building’s interior temperature by seven to ten degrees. A good quality roof coating reflects the ultraviolet and infrared sunlight away from your building which results in the natural cooling of the roof and reduction in the usage of air conditioner. Source: AppliedRoofingServices

Better Roof Appearance

By shielding your roof from the sun, coating will help it to maintain its color over time. This means that your home will continue to look great even as it ages. Source: HynesConstruction

Lessens Construction Waste

We’re facing a big environmental problem with so much construction waste piling up in our landfills. Prolonging your roof’s life cycle with coating can definitely contribute to reducing construction waste. Source: Edge2EdgeRoofing

Environmentally Friendly

Restoring your existing roof and reusing the current materials drastically reduces landfill waste and improves the environment. Many coatings contain ultra low or zero VOC’s and can qualify for the LEED program for Sustainable Sites, Energy and Atmosphere, and Materials and Resources. Source: NationalCoatings