3 ways to save on strata maintenance this winter

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See 3 things you should do this winter and they’ll save you money.

This time of year, one of the most common questions I get from our customers is “Is this a good time to paint?” And most times, I need to say, “No, it’s best to wait for spring painting weather." However, you still can follow these three basic rules.

1. Review your building for water leaks.

Most buildings have some older caulking, ageing flashing, balcony or roof areas that are weak points in the building envelope, and need extra attention.Failing caulking

The rainy season is a great time to review them as you can see if water is coming in through window perimeters or penetration points. Identifying and addressing the minor leaks can save you the costs of water damage repairs, and keep your building from more extensive future repairs.


2. Get your summer work bid in the winter.

If you are thinking about exterior repainting or restoration work for 2015, now is the time to plan and bid this work. Our season of sunshine typically lasts from April to October, and that means all the projects get stacked up in the summer months. If you can get the work bid in the winter, those pricing it may provide lower pricing in order to secure work for the summer.

Not sure how much the work will cost? Ask us for a budget price, and you can plan better. Add a contingency to that amount (10-20% is common) and you’re ready for your AGM.


3. Do some preventative maintenance.

Most buildings have areas that get extra dirty. Often it’s the north sides of buildings, or the fencing under the trees, or the elevations closest to a road or pathway.

Railing mildewIf you’ve got painted surfaces with mildew and moss on them, these organisms will grow and eat into the paint and organic matter behind it. Wood siding, fencing, and trim all are extra vulnerable to deterioration and to the additional moisture from having plant material growing on them.

Cleaning work done by professional crews can pre-treat these areas to kill off any living spores, and then wash the areas to remove dirt and residue. And scheduled in this slower season, your costs will be lower.  Your property will not only last longer, but look better too.


Looking for help in addressing those leaks, getting a budget price, or some cleaning work done?


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