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3 Design Tips for an Attractive Lobby

3 Design Tips for an Attractive Lobby
Mar 09, 2019

design and painting tips for your lobby

Set the mood for your guests when they enter the lobby of your commercial space by following these design tips:

Consider the Colours

The color you use on the walls of a lobby can either make or break the space. Since this is the room that greets people when they first enter the space, the color palette should include warm and welcoming colours, with earth-tones a good choice. For a minimalist décor you can choose a combination of neutrals like off-white or ivory and bolder touches of yellow, aqua blue or purple. You can also incorporate color using wall paintings and other key accents. Source: Homedit

Set the Mood with Lighting

Adjusting the lighting in your waiting area can enhance the comfort of your visitors as well and can help set the right mood. Soft, bright light creates a sense of calm and increases the appeal of items on display, which would be good in a business office setting. Low, warm light, meanwhile, emits a “homey” quality and can add to the charm if you are going for a family vibe. Artificial looking light can comes off as harsh, so you may want to stay away from the fluorescent bulbs in your reception area. Where possible, add natural light to make your space look larger as windows can connect the room with the outdoors. Source: BTOD

Provide Space for Socialization

Guests nowadays are after the “experience” more than anything else and this includes time spent in your lobby. They want a warm and relaxing place where they can meet, talk, and just enjoy. As part of your full-service lobby, make sure to include areas where all this can happen. With a little creativity, you can develop an inviting space with flexible seating areas, intimate lounge areas and communal spaces that encourage guests to meet people and form connections. Source: eHotelier

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