Townhomes & Condos


Horizons Tower A – LMS 2719

Restoring the rusted gas fireplace vents at 124 units of a 17 story apartment building, including full exterior repaint.

Remdal Restoration

Leighton Green – BCS 344

Restoring wood-frame balconies at 91 units, including replacement of structural components and installation of new urethane membrane system.

Remdal - Strata Painting

Veranda II – BCS 2344

Repainting of a 110-unit townhouse complex.

Remdal - Strata Painting

Nature’s Landing – BCS 1044

Phased repainting of a 152-unit townhouse complex.

Remdal - Strata Painting

Maple Tree Lane – LMS 2121

Repainting of a 76-unit townhouse complex, completed to Inspec Consulting Services specifications.

Remdal - Strata Painting

Tugboat Landing – LMS 1220

Repainting of a 102-unit apartment complex, completed to MPDA specifications.

Remdal - Strata Exterior Painting

Governors Court – LMS 1472

Repainting of a 125-unit apartement complex, completed to IPI Consulting Services specifications.

Strata Interior Painting, New Westminster

London Place

Repainting of common areas, including ceilings, door frames, chair rail, and baseboards.

Strata Exterior Painting

Nautica North

Exterior repainting of a 114-unit townhouse complex.

Strata Exterior Painting

Coho Chapter II

Preparation and repainting of all white trim and fascia boards.