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Wallpaper Removal and Instalation

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wallpaper removal VancouverOver the years we have renovated numerous lobbies and common hallways, and in one out of three we have dealt with old wall covering. We’ve seen many different types: warped thin paper, thick vinyl that had gone sticky over the years, and even wallpaper with plush patterns that slowly turned into a myriad of dust collectors.

In order to successfully remove the old wallpaper, it is vital to know how it was installed. Yet very few customers remember how and under what circumstances the covering was put up on the wall. And even fewer have knowledge of the changes that might affect these areas, including damage repairs and re-gluing.

On-site investigation

Our experienced estimator will assess the current condition of the walls to determine whether the existing covering can be easily removed without causing significant damage to the drywall. With your permission, we may find an inconspicuous place to test a small area. If removal is not desirable, then other options will be outlined to the customer in our quotation, and, if requested, presented to the council in person.
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Messy renovations – we’ve got you covered

wallpaper removal Surrey


If you’ve ever removed old wallpaper, you’ll know that things can get messy very quickly. Masking and protection is key to a frustration-free atmosphere in your building! We have mastered the art of protecting your space without making you feel boxed in or trapped in your dwelling.

The entire Remdal team works hard to make sure your project goes smoothly and in timely manner.


When removal is not an option

wallpaper removal LangleyWhen removing the wallpaper is out of question, the next option that immediately comes in mind is priming and painting. If the paper is well-adhered, and there’s minimal damage, visible joints, or pattern, this can be very cost effective.

If your paper is not in great shape, or has visible patterns that will show through a painted surface, consider having your walls textured and then painted.

Applying an all-over texture covers the paper and gives a creative finish to your walls. In the example pictured to the right, we are applying a “knock-down” texture with the peaks of the applied texture reduced to give a more contemporary look. Not only does it provide a sturdy, hard-to-scratch surface, but it also creates a unique design and, combined with a layered painting technique, adds a distinctive feature to your property that is hard to copy.

Visit Our Work project pages to see some of our work in action, and let us show our expertise to you.

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