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Commercial Wallpaper Removal & Installation

Categories: Commercial Services

Wallpaper can be an excellent feature in your office, store, or any other interior space, especially when chosen well and installed properly. It will last a long time and provide a unique look for your property.Quiznos rebranding

The best wallpaper is strong enough to handle the abuse your area will face, while also giving the decorated look you want. Most papers come in 54” widths, so seams are minimized. And solid vinyl construction, now incorporating some recycled materials, allows for a durable cleanable finish.

Proper Wallpaper installation

Our experienced estimator will assess the current condition of the walls to ensure they are in appropriate condition for wallpapering. Upon request, we can make recommendations as to which covering may be the best for your space: vinyl, grass cloth, or even fabric.

Wallpaper commercial

We take time to train our crews how to work with wallpaper. It is crucial that your installer knows how to hide seams, match patterns, and avoid air bubbles.
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Old Wallpaper Removal

When your existing wallcovering becomes old and unwanted, you have a few choices: remove it, paint over it, or install new wallpaper on top. All these options are viable; however, not without some investigation.

We will determine whether the existing covering can be easily removed without causing significant damage to the drywall. With your permission, we may find an inconspicuous place to test a small area. If the paper is well-adhered and has minimal damage, visible joints, or pattern, painting over it can be very cost effective. We will patch the seams, prime the old covering and apply two coats of paint—all you have to do is to choose the color!

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