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Roof Coatings

Categories: Building Restoration

Roof Coatings VancouverProtection for your roof

As technology has improved, new systems to coat and protect roofs have advanced. These low-slope roof coatings bring three main advantages:

  • They are seamless and so minimize any opportunity for failure and leaks at seams
  • They are easy to repair and maintain with simple touch up of damaged areas if required
  • They provide a great environmental advantage as they apply over the existing roofing and do not require full removal of existing coating.

Vancouver Roof CoatingsThe H.R.MacMillan Planetarium roof was remediated by Remdal using the Neogard direct-bond roof coating system, which is a moisture-cured urethane seamless roof system. This unique product uses the moisture in the air as a catalyst to cure and harden the coating. The finish is not only light reflective, but extremely durable and resistant to high winds, hail, and environment conditions meaning fewer repairs and leaks.

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Remdal is a licensed installer of Neogard products, and we worked closely with the manufacturer for quality assurance during this project. Our work onsite began with extensive preparation and cleaning, followed by application of a bonding primer and intermediate coats. The final coating application was a white finish, which is Energy Star compliant, solar reflecting, and can provide energy savings.

Other roof coatings

Roof Coatings protectionElastomeric roof coatings have provided a cost effective option for sloped roof repair and protection. Locally manufactured Envirocoatings Ceramic InsulCoat ROOF coating offers simple application over properly prepared surfaces. This 100% acrylic coating creates a waterproof membrane that has excellent adhesion and uses ceramics to provide a thermal barrier and improve energy savings. InsulCoat ROOF is part of the Envirocoatings family of coatings, and Remdal has installed these coatings on high rise and apartment buildings for over 15 years.

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