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Building Maintenance Programs

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Building maintenance program 1Who makes it happen?

Who keeps an eye on the exterior of your building? Does anyone make sure that your roof drains aren’t clogged and that the sealant around your windows is still doing its job?

We can help by developing and executing a maintenance program for your strata’s building envelope. Once we’ve designed your written program, our qualified personnel can schedule and carry out periodic inspections of your roofing and drains, exterior sealants, cladding, windows, decks, flashings, and other envelope components.
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Why is maintenance important?

The obvious reason for regular review and ongoing maintenance is that it will increase the life of your building envelope. It’s much like doing regular oil changes on your car that help extend the life of the engine.

washing and cleaning 6Your building naturally deteriorates due to seasonal weathering and everyday wear and tear. Scheduled inspections, along with the cleaning and/or repair of any compromised areas, will help slow the deterioration and extend your building life. And extending your building’s life saves you money in the long run!

A second reason for a maintenance program and plan is to comply with the terms of your building warranty. Your warranty coverage may be compromised if you don’t perform the regular inspections and preventative maintenance.

The maintenance binder

If your strata is newly constructed or has undergone a major envelope renewal, you’ll have a binder of documents including things like drawings, technical specifications, warranty information, and maintenance procedures. You may also have a “maintenance binder” supplied to you by the contractor. We’ll take your hand-over documents and use them to create a maintenance program designed for your building’s unique requirements.

What we can do for your strata

Remdal can provide:

building maintenance program 3

  • A building envelope maintenance program which details what items are to be inspected and how often these inspections should take place, and then recommends procedures for routine cleaning and maintenance
  • The site inspections / reviews of your envelope (even if your high-rise building requires special access)
  • A written log of our inspections for inclusion in your maintenance binder
  • Written recommendations for any necessary maintenance and renewal
  • Written quotations for doing maintenance work and budget figures for future planning

What components does a typical Envelope review include?

  • Exposed foundations
  • Building cladding (concrete / wood or cementitious siding / brick / stucco)
  • Paint and exterior coatings
  • Windows & skylights
  • Exterior doors & garage doors
  • Exterior flashing
  • Weatherstripping
  • Deck membranes (urethane and vinyl)
  • Exterior railings
  • Roofing
  • Gutters & Downspouts

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