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BC Strata Depreciation Reports & Reviews

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BC depreciation report

A practical approach

The newly-amended Strata Property Act calls for British Columbia stratas to obtain mandatory depreciation reports for their property. A solid plan to budget for and maintain your building has always been a good idea. Now it’s a requirement.

While we don’t supply depreciation reports, we can provide your strata with a common sense approach to building maintenance. With our expertise and experience, we can help you set priorities and fine-tine spending to get the most out of your maintenance dollars.

Your depreciation report is the big picture strategy. What you need now is a sensible and efficient plan to execute this strategy.
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How do we help?

We can help your strata in two ways. First, we can offer practical advice about which items should have greater priority. For example, a depreciation report may recommend that you replace your window trim caulking. But since the caulking on the south side of your building may require replacement long before that on the north side, we’ll suggest a sensible maintenance priority and give a cost breakdown for each side. This measure allows you to spread out your maintenance spending with the confidence that you are addressing the most important things first.

paint needed maintenance inspections
We’re also able to suggest combinations of maintenance items – for example, combining items that are easily accessed at the same time – to save you money.

Second, we can quote on and do all your building envelope maintenance, including washing, painting, caulking, deck railings, pedestrian membranes, waterproofing, flashing, vehicular traffic membranes, and other weatherproofing details. We also do interior renewal work, such as painting, flooring, and lighting fixtures. Compared with engaging multiple companies, our breadth of services will not only save you money, but also stave off scheduling headaches.

What if we don’t have a depreciation report?

If your strata has chosen to defer getting a depreciation report, we can provide a detailed building review that includes photos and itemized lists of areas requiring attention and also make maintenance recommendations and budgets. This report gives you the ability to solicit quotations from us and other contractors so that the proper maintenance can be performed.

Visit Our Work project pages to see some of our work in action, and let us show our expertise to you.

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