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Trillium & Summerlin – Coquitlam – Interior Design Upgrade

Trillium & Summerlin – Coquitlam – Interior Design Upgrade


This was an amazing, interior design upgrade & lobby renovation project across four modern west coast designed buildings in Coquitlam. It was much more than a simple re-painting job. With such a large scope, it allowed us to utilize four of our multi-talented Remdal crews to deliver a beautiful result. Interior design & colour consultation with our trusted partners helped with carpet tile selection & replacement, strata repainting with significant colour change and much more. This was completed over just a few short months and project managed by our Remdal team. Now, the over 200 strata owners have gained a renewed pride of ownership from the refreshed look and feel of their buildings’ interior common areas.

Scope of Work:


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