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Non-slip Products: Ice Melt and Salt

Categories: Commercial Services, Strata Services

Ice Melt & Salt products for winter safety - SOLD OUT FOR 2018

FEBRUARY 25, 2019

Due to overwhelming demand during the recent blast of winter weather, we are now OUT OF STOCK of all products.

As a result, we are no longer accepting any new orders. If you have questions about an existing order, please call us at 604-882-5155.

We look forward to serving you again in October 2019.

During the winter months, we deliver premium non-slip products such as salt & ice melt directly to your Metro Vancouver strata or commercial sites.

And we deliver! Our personalized delivery promise: We’ll work with your client’s schedule when booking our delivery, and we’ll put it exactly where you want it!

Not sure which one to choose? FAQ's answered here.

Remdal Salt Shed - Safe-T Salt

Rock Salt

A commercial grade salt with gravel-like consistency. Cost-effective and efficient in very cold temperatures. Salt is corrosive, so care should be taken on concrete surfaces. This product is ideally used on paved parking areas.

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Remdal Salt Shed - Get-A-Grip Ice Melt


Colored green to help you know where it’s been spread, we've blended potassium chloride and aggregate for traction, to get a complete safety product. Great for walkways, and your best all-around choice if you can't decide!

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Remdal Salt Shed - Classic Ice Melt


This product is aggregate for traction blended with potassium (no sodium/salt). Mainly used on walkways, it's a safe choice for our environment and your concrete surfaces. Like Coke Classic, we brought back this popular Remdal-exclusive 'Classic' blend.

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Remdal Salt Shed - Eco Safe Melt


No fuss, no clean-up, this is our premium product. Made up of potassium-based pellets, it's excellent for entrance areas. With no aggregate, there is no clean-up required, and it's safe for concrete, gentle on plants, grass, and pet-friendly.

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Please call us at 604-882-5155 to place your order.