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High Rise & Condo Painting

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Vancouver painting high risesPainting Vancouver condo buildings brings a unique challenge to the job and requires experienced crews. Over the past six years, Remdal has washed, repaired, and painted over 50 high rise condos in Greater Vancouver.

High Rise Painting

Professional repainting work on a high rises begins, as any good paint job should, with proper preparation. Mildew pre-treatment is followed by pressure washing to remove surface contamination as well as “challenge” (i.e. apply some force to) the existing coating.

New construction building practices often include “sacking” of the concrete to make a smooth finish. This involves putting a thin layer of concrete repair product onto the surface and then using a sack-like cloth to spread it. Often, penthouse levels and other patios are affected. Unfortunately, these products are often not well-adhered to the building, and the result is the paint coatings don’t stick well to the building either. The pressure washing process can reveal these deficiencies early in the process.

After addressing any adhesion concerns and scraping any loose areas, spot priming is done where required. The final coating is then applied as per the specification.

Since access is a sizable component of the cost of painting high rise and condo buildings, more durable finishes are often used. We often use a higher sheen satin 100% acrylic finish for concrete surfaces. This gives a smooth surface that dirt is less likely to stick to.

A second option for additional durability are high-build coatings like Envirocoatings Ceramic InsulCoat R:E. This premium coating blends the flexibility of an elastomeric coating with the breathability of a standard paint. It can greatly extend the maintenance cycle of repainting, resists fading and cracking, and cleans easily due to the addition of ceramic to the coating. Remdal has extensive experience in applying the Envirocoatings products.
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We Can Check Your Sealants

While we are working on the building, there is often good economy in reviewing and addressing caulking. Caulking renewal or repair can be done by our trained crews in concert with the preparation of the building.

High Rises Concrete Restoration

Vancouver concrete restoration
Often concrete buildings require restoration of concrete spalls and damaged areas. Metal “rebar” that is too close to the surface can cause areas to loosen, and create a safety concern from falling concrete. Remdal crews are experienced in professional repairs to engineered standards and can ensure your building is safe and maintained for future years.
Vancouver High Rise Painting

Hard-to-access areas

Designers and architects love to make new condo buildings beautiful, but they rarely stop to fully consider access for future maintenance. Remdal can pick up where they leave off. We’ve made hard-to-access locations our specialty, including tough-to-paint peaks and odd-shaped buildings that need bosun chair access.

Our Remdal crews are trained in safety practices for heights, including qualifications for swing stage work and specialty training on bosun chairs. We are pleased to have a strong reputation of working alongside WorkSafe BC and a track record of full compliance and safety.

Visit Our Work project pages to see some of our work in action, and let us show our expertise to you.

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