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Commercial Building Caulking Renewal

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Commercial failed caulking

Why pay attention to your sealants?

The caulking or “sealants” on your commercial building are an important part of your building envelope - particularly in our Vancouver climate where wind-driven rain is a frequent reality. The sealants provide a flexible joint that stops water from getting in and creating problems. Although sealant joints are a small detail on your building exterior, their failure can lead to large and expensive problems.

Over time, caulking loses its capacity to stretch and compress as the building components - windows, panels, and cladding - move with changing temperatures and seasons. A single-component urethane sealant will typically be able to do its job for ten or more years, depending on the frequency of joint movement, its exposure to sun, and other environmental factors.

As sealant joints deteriorate with age, the building envelope is compromised. This can easily lead to water damage, mold, mildew, and wood rot.

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We can help

We can help in two ways.

We’ll serve your maintenance caulking needs by doing a site evaluation and replacing only the sealants that are failing or deteriorated on your commercial building. This measure is often a short-term solution to stop leaks and give owners time to plan a comprehensive sealant renewal project. Sometimes, we provide maintenance caulking to commercial customers in conjunction with other waterproofing work such as crack repair, new flashings, elastomeric coatings, or interior water damage repair.

Caulking installationWe also provide full sealant renewal services. We’re experienced at the removal and replacement of single- and two-component urethane sealants on metal, concrete, and wood building components. We’ve completed sealant renewal on retail, commercial, tilt-up warehouse, and light industrial buildings. Often we replace sealants as one element of a larger project involving work such as concrete restoration, painting, waterproofing, or balcony membranes.

Our experience in commercial caulking renewal has taught us the importance of doing good work in a considerate way that is mindful of fast-paced commercial and retail environments. We make it our priority to accommodate the schedules and desires of tenants and occupants.

We’re committed to serve you, and we’re confident that we can complete your caulking renewal project in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

When should your caulking be renewed?

If the caulking is sound, it won’t show internal cracking (called cohesive failure), nor will it have pulled away from the substrates that it joins (called adhesive failure). It will feel flexible to the touch and spring back to form if you press your fingernail or pen into it.

We would be pleased to visit your commercial site and provide you with a no-cost caulking evaluation.

Visit Our Work project pages to see some of our work in action, and let us show our expertise to you.

Contact us at [email protected] or 604-882-5155 to review your property.

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