History of Remdal Painting and Restoration Inc.

History 1
Remdal was founded in 1974 by Don Rempel and Arnold Daling, two partners who created the company name by combining the first three letters of their respective last names. After several years, Arnold became the sole owner and worked hard through the 1980s and 90s to grow Remdal into a prominent strata painting company.

I – Ken Ewert – came into the picture some years later, though I began painting when I graduated from high school. In those heady days of oil-based paints, I got my start painting gas stations and houses. A couple of years later, in 1980, I co-founded a painting company called “Service Unlimited.” Though I took some time off to earn a couple of university degrees, I resumed full-time painting work in 1989.

One day, while in the paint store, I overheard that Remdal was for sale. My immediate instinct was, “I need to buy that company!” So I did, along with my first business partner, Don Tilling. Twenty-plus years later, I can say, “It’s been a fun ride!”

In the 1990s Ken Cannon also joined us as an owner. In 1999 Don moved on to another business, and Ken Cannon sold his ownership interest in 2008. Both men remain good friends of Remdal.

History 2
Over the past dozen years, the Remdal ownership has been strengthened by the addition of Dan Schmidt, Rob Beck, and Dave Humphries (pictured here with me). Each of these Senior Partners brings substantial leadership and knowledge: together the four of us have a combined 80+ years of experience in our industry.

Over the past twenty years we’ve also been able to add to the number of our skilled crews (over 20), the amount of major projects we complete (hundreds each year), and the scope of services we offer. Although we still pride ourselves on our painting work, we’ve broadened our abilities in fields such as sealant renewal, concrete and wood restoration, liquid applied membranes, high rise work, and multi-residential renovations.

More importantly, as we’ve grown in size and scope, we’ve had the opportunity to expand our company ownership to include our management staff and our long-term foremen. This spirit of ownership is what I’m most proud of in our history. I think it speaks volumes about the caliber of people we’re privileged to call “coworkers,” and I think it makes our future bright!