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Some words from Remdal’s President, Ken Ewert

Ken July 2012
Today’s email brought the following words: “I just had my first experience dealing with your company. Generally, I don’t write notes to business owners, but I had to let you know how impressed and pleased I am with your staff.”

I like this! Watching my Dad find pride in a job well done helped shape me. I get this same sort of pleasure every time I hear from a pleased customer. In 2012 we received over 80 “Your crew was great!” phone calls and letters from our customers.

Why do we get these responses? Because of our people. People like Zsolt, who has repainted scores of stratas for us over the past fifteen years. Or Hla Pe, who finds a way to please even the most particular of customers. Or Greg, who has been tackling our challenging restoration projects for more than a dozen years. Or Gary, who began working for us the year his first daughter was born—and she’s getting married this summer!

Why we don’t use subcontractors

Many of our competitors farm out their work to subcontractors. The results aren’t always good. The sub crew often doesn’t have a long-term connection with the company. And since they’re being paid by a contract amount, they may take shortcuts. Sometimes everything looks fine for a while, but in a few years the paint job fails prematurely. We’ve seen this, again and again.

We’ve taken a different track. Our company culture is built on loyalty and ownership. I’m proud of the fact that our average foreman has been with our company more than 9 years. We know their wives and children. They’re not mere “subs” but rather part of our skilled and experienced long-term core. We’re committed to them, and they’re committed to us. Together, we’re committed to the values of our mission statement.

We send out owners

The ownership part of our culture means that every day our projects are led by people who share in, and are tied to, the long-term success of our company. After all, who’s going to have the customer’s best interests at heart: a subcontractor with no long-term ties to the company, or our Certified Foreman who knows his future is dependent on Remdal delivering solid value to our customers?

We gather in our monthly Team Meetings to celebrate our service wins and to reflect on where we fell short. We laugh at the funny things that have happened, we laugh at each other, and we laugh at ourselves. But we are serious about our philosophy: we’re persuaded that if we give real value, our customers will notice, tell their friends, and the profits take care of themselves.

We’re committed to our culture. It’s what enables us to gather and invest in good people who work for our customer’s best interests. Our customers notice the difference in our people, and they remember and recommend us.