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Strata Painter for a Day

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Vancovuer painters for dayThose small painting tasks keep adding up, but no one seems to want to do them. It may be just a ceiling, or the entry doors to your lobby. Or perhaps you need to re-coat some fascia trim or finish off a gazebo out back. The job may be too small to call for a quotation, but it still needs to be done. What to do?

Painter for a Day

You can have a professional painter come to your strata and work for a day taking care of these small items. You supply the paint, and we’ll supply the professional labour to help make your property look great!

What does Painter for a Day include?

It includes one professional experienced painter for 7 ½ hours of work. He’ll bring professional tools and basic painting materials (see a list of basic painting equipment & materials on our FAQ page).
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What amount of work can a Painter for a Day get done?

painters for day Vancouver
Every job is different, and since no two hallways, doors, or window frames are alike, it’s not possible to say specifically what he can accomplish. But to give you a general idea, a professional painter would typically be able to:

  • Paint the elevator lobby area on two floors
  • Paint 5 high-traffic area common doors and frames
  • Re-coat the baseboards in a hallway
  • Paint one to two garage doors and frames
  • Stain and finish a newly installed front entry door
  • Do minor wall repair and paint several walls, sections of baseboard, or closets
  • Paint the elevator doors and frames on 3 floors

What does Painter for a Day cost?

Including minor incidental materials, the fee for Painter for a Day is $575.00 + applicable taxes.

Have more questions about this program? Check out our FAQ page for more information.

To book our Painter for a Day, email us at [email protected] or call us at (604) 882-5155.

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