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Strata Common Area Makeover

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It’s hard to prioritize when it comes to an outdated lobby and common hallways. We often get calls from customers who ask, “Where do we begin with updating the inside of our building?” This big question often leads to:

  • “What’s the best colour for our lobby to make it look up-to-date?”
  • “What about our chair rail that looks like someone slapped it on the wall and left it hanging?”
  • “Can we paint over wallpaper to save the cost of ripping it out and repairing the wall underneath?”
  • “Should we consider a dropped ceiling (might come in handy with all those endless plumbing issues)?”
  • “Should we get new tiles? Or carpet? Or even carpet tiles?”

And that’s even before other design options come into the equation!
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Small details – big picture

common area maintenance VancouverLong before we begin nailing in your new baseboards, we’ll help you nail down your options. One of our experienced Estimators will meet with you to review the areas in question, be it a lobby or the entire interior of your building. Once we have a good understanding of what you are looking for, we will get back to you with some ideas – perhaps even arranging a custom Common Area Makeover Board.

Check out our Wallpaper information page for more ideas and useful info.

What’s the newest colour?

Every year the paint companies publish the latest trends in colour for your common areas, walls, and accents. With a variety of interesting palettes, they’ll put combinations of colours together for you to make sure your choices work together.

2015 Colour of the year
If you’re looking for the most current options, the Colour Forecasts from Pittsburgh Paints (known locally as Dulux Paints), Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin Williams are three excellent resources. Let us know if you'd like information on these.

We’ve been adding colour to buildings, lobbies, hallways, and commercial offices for years, and would be pleased to offer our in-house expertise. Or, if a professional designer is of value, we can arrange this as well. Contact us for information on our design services - and here are 5 tips to choosing the right colors.


No more chasing the trades

Communication and scheduling is everything when it comes to multi-trade renovation work in common areas. We offer you our in-house Remdal employee crews. Where necessary, we'll bring in the appropriate tradesperson, like an electrician or plumber. And we can oversee the project for you, handling the scheduling and work of flooring installation for instance. Relax, you won’t have to worry about finger-pointing from one trade to another. We create one team working together on your project, making sure the job is done well in a timely manner and performed with respect to the owners and to each other.

Maintaining good looks

newest colourAfter all the effort, energy, and other resources invested in renovating your interior, the last thing you want to see is a scuff mark along a baseboard, a gouged wall by the elevator, or a scrape on your hallway ceiling from furniture carried into an apartment. With that in mind, we can attend to even smaller projects to help keep your common areas fresh!

In narrow hallways or around elevator doors, pet leashes, walkers, and strollers can set your hallways up for a continuously damaged drywall. If this problem sounds familiar, corner guards might be just what you are looking for! Stainless steel would be the sturdiest and most aesthetically pleasing option, but did you know that corner guards also come in different materials and even colours to that matter? We supply and install – call or email us for details.

Visit Our Work project pages to see some of our work in action, and let us show our expertise to you.

Contact us at [email protected] or 604-882-5155 to review your property.

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