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Epoxy, Tile & Carpets

Categories: Commercial Services, Strata Services

Did you know that, at Remdal, we supply and install many types of flooring? Our experienced crews are capable of removing existing flooring and installing new floors professionally.

Vancouver carpets and flooring

Flooring options for lobbies, parkades, and stairwells

Consider epoxy flooring for your stairwells and parkade elevator lobbies. Epoxies are very durable, and provide a smooth cleanable surface. For additional beauty, consider a quartz epoxy floor. We can add quartz flakes to make a colorful option for parkades and garbage rooms, providing extremely durable, slip resistant, and aesthetically pleasing flooring.

Your front lobby floor takes the most wear and tear of any floor in the building. Ceramic and porcelain tiles have been a popular choice for many years, providing excellent aesthetic value and are very durable. Vinyl plank and vinyl tile are also popular flooring choices. They have the durability of a commercial vinyl floor (those used in hospitals), but like carpet tile can be replaced individually if damaged.
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Carpets or carpet tiles?Flooring before-after

Carpet is the most typical flooring installed in common area hallways. Choosing the right carpet for your property can be a daunting task. Underpad or no underpad, thread count, thickness, weave, solid or pattern, colour – all are important factors to consider.

Our expertise will allow you to get the most value for every dollar you spend. After reviewing your property, we will outline the best and most cost-effective options for your floors. Making the right choice is crucial since you only want to replace your carpets once every ten to fifteen years.

Carpet tiles, shown in this picture, are becoming more and more popular in the Lower Mainland. They are simple to install and repair, so when a spill or any other accident occurs, all you have to do is replace the damaged tiles!


Project management

Oftentimes, flooring replacement is just a part of a bigger renovation project. We can offer it all under one umbrella: painting, flooring, wood trim, and even light fixture installation. No more conflicts between contractors; no more finger-pointing. Dealing with only one contractor instead of three or four will make a huge difference for your peace of mind.

Visit Our Work project pages to see some of our work in action, and let us show our expertise to you.

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