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Painting Project Manager

Painting Project Manager

Remdal is seeking an individual to join our team as Project Manager.

Company Overview:

Remdal is a property renewal services company based in Surrey, BC. We primarily serve managed properties in Metro Vancouver (from Chilliwack to Squamish). In addition to interior and exterior painting, our skilled technicians perform concrete repairs, sealant renewal, urethane membrane renewal, wood repairs, and hazardous materials abatement. We have added custom interior renovations and are looking to expand further into new markets. Customers trust Remdal because we deliver excellence and ace communication as we fulfill our promise: “Your Project, Done Right.

The Opportunity:

You possess strong interpersonal and communication skills, the ability to understand customer’s needs and turn them into opportunities, and the desire to excel in a growing team. You are highly motivated, able to carry significant project management and estimating responsibilities, and see the value of our company culture and core values.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Your primary task will be meeting customers and project management of work onsite, along with some estimating of projects.

  • Develop trusted relationships with our clients (property managers, strata council members, inspectors, etc.)
  • Build caring, trusted relationships with other Project Managers and Foreman teams to assist in the management of projects, from details and budgets to monitoring and ensuring our service performance
  • Clear, proactive, and continual communication with our customers in all aspects of the project, including job setup, ongoing project visits, solving of project issues, and regular project reports
  • Financial administration including the monitoring of project costs, project invoicing and payment approval
  • Cultivate product, systems, safety, and industry knowledge (upholding Remdal’s tradition of being an industry leader)
  • Estimating of potential projects, understanding bid specifications and assessing site-specific requirements – including (but not limited to) safe access requirements, surface preparation, specialty products, labour, and materials


  • Education: University, college, or technical school experience (bachelor’s degree or Project Management degree preferred

Experience and Skills:

  • A good team fit, both hungry & humble
  • Eager to please customers and serve others first
  • Strong spoken & written skills, such as the ability to lead strata presentations, initiate and respond to correspondence & reports, deliver email excellence, and ace communication
  • Enjoy a sales role as the front-facing representative for Remdal
  • Strong technical abilities – read specifications, technical & legal documents, prepare professional bid proposals and estimates
  • Project logistical knowledge, including:
    • Understanding the steps and stages of a project
    • Ability to methodically think through site-related activities
    • Facilitate & lead others in best practices
    • Evaluate and encourage productivity
  • Critical thinking and problem solving, with the ability to think on your feet and move the project ahead
  • Relational / people skills with customers, Foremen & their crew, Remdal team, & all other shareholders
  • Office & computer skills. Comfortable spending a significant amount of time in-office, with strong abilities in Excel, Outlook, Word, SharePoint, PowerPoint.
  • Excellent scheduling and time management skills; ability to plan, prioritize, respond, and multi-task.

Working conditions:

Project Manager regularly work 45 to 50 hours per week. During peak periods, additional hours may be required. Working hours will generally be from 7:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday; however, customer contacts and meetings may occur during evening or weekend hours.

Pay / Remuneration:

Compensation is individually arranged, commensurate with your experience and qualifications. Vehicle and cell phone allowances, along with other benefits, are provided by Remdal.

Please e-mail your cover page and resume to be considered to [email protected], attention Sarrah Pennington.


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